As I was standing on the end of the pool this morning a passer by started to chat like they often do. He remarked noticing that the squad numbers were down on what he had seen before.

I explained to him that this is the quietest time of year for all clubs, mid winter is a time when many take the opportunity to have a few sleep ins. I can’t blame them really, it takes a strong goal to get you out of bed for training on a rainy, wet winter morning. But this is the time of year when you have an opportunity do refine technique and correct a few of the little things that were not up to standard last season.

I also pointed out to him that at this moment we have one club member in France cycling the alps, another in the USA having just raced last weekend. We have four club members in Germany following the Roth race last weekend. We have one regular consistent trainer away for a week in the country with her family. Then we have a bunch who just can’t get out of bed.

Making that first move is so important, once you're up and dressed it all gets easier.

We all have rises and falls in our level of motivation over the years, I have personally used commitment to meeting people to keep me consistent. There have been so many mornings that I have to drag myself out of bed, but knowing that someone was waiting for me was the real reason I did.
Making that first move is so important, once you’re up and dressed it all gets easier. Then you can think about goals and reasons to train. Success in this sport comes from years of consistent training, day after day, week after week. With every successful week of training we put together we build a little bit more self belief, a bit more ownership of our goals.

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