Today we have twelve weeks to the Australian Ironman in Port Macquarie, we’ve all been training, we always train, but now at twelve weeks out we really need to turn up the flame. We’re already strong, by community standards we’re already extremely fit. What we have signed up for is going to test our preparation to the limits.

We’ve paid the entry fee, anyone not involved in the sport is amazed at the price we pay for the privilege of hurting ourselves all day. In fact most think we’re crazy, but those people will never feel the satisfaction we’ll feel as we run down that finish chute. You have to earn that opportunity to run down that carpet, you earn it every morning you rise before the sun, whether you feel like it or not.

When that alarm goes off, your feet should be on the floor in less than 20sec. This little piece of discipline will pay off, mental strength is like a jig-saw puzzle, the total picture you reveal on race day has been made up of a thousand little pieces. Every time you swing your legs over the edge of that bed at some ridiculous hour of the morning, you’re putting another piece of the puzzle in place.

Face it, so many of our friends and neighbours are living beige lives. No colour, no highs, no lows, vanilla lives.

It may seem fanatical, it may seem a narrow life to some, but it’s part of the most exciting journey many will travel in their mundane lives. Face it, so many of our friends and neighbours are living beige lives. No colour, no highs, no lows, vanilla lives. The life we have chosen is full of colour, full of highs and lows, we have to accept that there are going to be low points where we doubt ourselves, where we wonder if we can keep this up. But there are highs, so many great times shared with our mates.

Knowing that it’s going to be more mornings where we don’t feel 100% than mornings when we feel great, will help us through this time. If you only trained when you felt good you’ll never reach your true potential. Most of our training is going to be on a set of tired legs, but it’s simple, it just has to be done.

One of the biggest traps is thinking about it before you get out of bed. When that alarm goes off it’s a “no thinking zone” , have your clothes ready, have everything you need ready the night before. Enjoy the routine of simply putting the pieces of the puzzle together each morning like a robot. Once you’re out the door it gets easier all of a sudden.

If we read the biographies of any sports champion, every one of them have trained like robots, done everything necessary whether they were tired or not. Every one of them have found all the pieces of that “jig-saw puzzle”

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