So often when I have conversations with athletes in my squad, and other friends and acquaintances regarding their goals, what they think are goals are only a wish list. Too often people think they’re goal setting, but they’re really just wishing and hoping.

At this early stage of our season we need to have something strong to get us out of bed early. Whether it’s a sporting goal, a weight management goal, or a wealth creation goal, it has to be clear, in order to work.

There’s no doubt that goal setting is a truly powerful tool. But it has to be owned to a stage where as soon as you wake up in the morning, you can feel it, you can sight it, visualise what you’re working for. When you have distractions pop up, things that would likely take you off the path, the desire to achieve your chosen goal will give you the energy to work around the obstacle. Find another way.

Strong goals give you energy, they give you a reason to do what you need to do.

Strong goals give you energy, they give you a reason to do what you need to do. There’s a defined path from where you are right now, to what you want to achieve, where you want to end up. Without clarity, a clear vision of what you want the energy is just not there.
If you’re struggling with motivation, if you lack the energy you once had, it can be one of two things. You may be tired, try a day or two of sleep ins, if this doesn’t cure the lethargy the next place to look is the clarity of the goal.

When you think of your goal it should make you feel something inside. A lightness, a tingle, butterflies in the stomach, if you don’t feel some physical changes when you visualise the goal, you may not “own it”.

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