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Coach Karlie has trained multiple Ironman finishers over the course of years.

Who are the East Coast Cycos?

East Coast Cycos is Queensland’s oldest triathlon club dedicated to training and competing in all distance triathlons up to Half Ironman and Ironman events.

People from all walks of life decide to become ironmen. As a club, we share this journey together, battling for personal achievements together through extreme lows and intense highs. Together, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. The club caters for all ages from 8 year olds through to 80 years old veterans of the sport.

Under the guidance of club coach Allan Pitman, competitor and Ironman coach for over 25 years the club has a proud record of over 300 Ironman finishers and 75 Hawaiian Ironman qualifiers. When Allan Pitman decided to hang his boots, he entrusted the club’s future success onto the very capable handles of Karlie, who also happens to be his granddaughter.


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Ironman Events

May 6th 2018 : Port Macquarie Ironman

This event takes place on May 6th 2018. To find out more and to register,…
Upcoming Ironman Events

June 10th 2018 : Cairns Ironman

Coach Updates

Coach Updates

Better To Have, And Not Need, Than To Need, And Not Have.

Training is basically stressing the body enough so that when the stressful period is completed…
Coach Updates

Numbers down

As I was standing on the end of the pool this morning a passer by…
Coach Updates

The Cycos Women

Over 25yrs we have had a lot of women come through our club, they all…